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About This Site

Recipe stories can be tedious

This site dispenses with storytime and is an uncluttered reference for the kitchen. It was was designed to work marvelously with mobile devices since they are the new cookbooks.

About me

I was born in the late 70's but self-identify as an elder millennial. Married, 1 kid, cats. Military retiree and a web developer. I'm a fan of flat caps and cast iron. I'm highly inspired by the cuisines we experienced while we traveled abroad. Cucina povera of southern Italy, germanic dishes, and Central European foods all have a special place in my heart.

Not a profit-driven site

Hosting is cheap these days so this site is a toy project. No one is paying for this site other than myself. Links or brands that appear on this site only because of a personal preference. If any of this were ever to change, it will be noted here.


I am using Astro to build this site and hosting on Netlify. For those who are curious, you can see the site's Github repo here: royemosby/no-stories_v2.

A note on copyright law regarding recipes

U.S. Copyright office maintains that plain recipes (list of ingredients and instructions) cannot be covered by copyright. See Circular 33 (PDF) for more details. Some of the recipes on this site bare copies or are inspired by those that I have found in books or on other sites. In the spirit of gratitude, I have provided a reference to the original source wherever possible.

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