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thin crust pizza dough weights

Weight of dough for different sizes of NY style pizza.

Sorry mobile! Will work on a responsive table soon.

10” pizza78 sq in area176g dough
11” pizza95 sq in area213g dough
12” pizza113 sq in area254g dough
13” pizza132 sq in area298g dough
14” pizza153 sq in area344g dough
15” pizza176 sq in area396g dough
16” pizza201 sq in area452g dough
17” pizza222 sq in area500g dough
18” pizza254 sq in area571g dough
19” pizza283 sq in area637g dough
20” pizza314 sq in area706g dough

All sizes calculated with a density of 2.25 gr/sq. in. Yep. Mixed scales. I’ll fix that eventually. Go look at Bread Baker’s Math